My Happy Ending – Avril Lavigne

So much for my happy ending

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh…

Let’s talk this over
It’s not like we’re dead
Was it something I did?
Was it something You said?
Don’t leave me hanging
In a city so dead
Held up so high
On such a breakable thread

You were all the things I thought I knew
And I thought we could be

You were everything, everything that I wanted
We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
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Whenever, Wherever Shakira

Lucky you were born that far awaySo we could both make fun of distanceLucky

that i love a foreign man forThe lucky fact of your existanceBaby I would climb

the Andes solelyTo count the freckles on your bodyNever could imagine there

were onlySo many ways to love somebody

Le ro lo le lo leLe ro lo le lo leCan’t you see…I’m at your feet

Whenever, WhereverWe’re meant to be togetherI’ll be there and you’ll be nearAnd that’s the deal my dear

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More Than Words Westlife

Saying I love you
Is not the words I want to hear from you
It’s not that I want you
Not to say, but if you only knew
How easy it would be to show me how you feel
More than words is all you have to do to make it real
Then you wouldn’t have to say that you love me
‘Cause I’d already know

What would you do if my heart was torn in two
More than words to show you feel
That your love for me is real
What would you say if I took those words away
Then you couldn’t make things new
Just by saying I love you

More than words

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Minyak Wangi

MUDA LE O LE O – Agnes Monica

Le o Le o Le o E (4x)
Ku berlari pakai hati
Tak berhenti sampai mati
Le o Le o Le o E (3x)
Aku dengar ada yang bicara
Papa mamaku punya cita-cita
Dia baru berusia 5
Tapi semangatnya sungguh sempurna
Never in your life, let them talk to you like you can not
Yes, you’re young but you’re right
Walk your miles, do your part with a smile
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Give Thanks To ALLAH!

Give thanks to Allah,
for the moon and the stars
what is and what was

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

take hold of your eman
dont give in to shaitaan
oh you who believe please give thanks to Allah.
Allahu Ghafoor Allahu Raheem Allahu yuhibbul Mohsineen,
va Khalikuna va Razikuna wahuwa Ala kulli shaien Kadir

Allah is Ghafoor Allah is Raheem Allah is the one who loves the Mohsineen,
He is a creator, He is a sustainer and He is the one who has power over all. Read more »

Heal The World

There’s a place in your heart, and I know that it is love
And this place could be much brighter than tomorrow
And if you really try, you’ll find there’s no need to cry
In this place you’ll feel, there’s no hurt or sorrow

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

There are ways to get there
If you care enough for the living
Make a little space, make a better place

* Heal the world make it a better place
For you and for me and the entire human race

** There are people dying if you care enough for the living
Make a better place for you and for me

If you want to know why, there’s a love that cannot lie
Love is strong, it only cares for joyful giving if we try
We shall see in this bliss, we cannot feel fear or dread
We stop existing and start living

Then it feels that always love’s enough for us growing
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